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National Championships

Riders can compete in Dressage, Riding Test, Show Jumping and Style Jumping.


The Championships include a wide range of Dressage classes for both team and individuals. Juniors may ride in Junior Dressage, Junior Teams of Four, Junior Elementary and Junior Pairs Dressage, while Seniors can enter Senior Open, Senior Prelim, Senior Pairs, Senior Teams of Four, Senior Team of Six and a Medium Dressage class for individual Seniors. All team members are automatically included in the appropriate individual classes.

Riding Test

The Riding Test is similar to a Dressage test, but marks are awarded according to the rider’s performance, and the horse’s paces are not considered. For Senior teams two members ride the Prelim RT and the other two ride the Novice RT. Junior team members all ride Prelim RT.

Show Jumping

For the Show Jumping competition, Juniors may ride in the Novice class at 80cm or the Intermediate class at 95cm. Seniors have the choice of riding Novice at 85cm, Intermediate at 95cm or Open at 1.10m.

Style Jumping

Style Jumping is similar to Show Jumping, but marks are based on the rider’s performance rather than the horse’s. New: two sections, 75cm and 85cm, for both juniors and seniors at the Qualifiers and Championships.