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The National Horse Trials Championships 

This is a competition for both Senior and Junior teams and individuals. The event consists of Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross-Country phases.

There are seven classes for members to compete in:

  • Senior BRC80
  • Senior BRC90
  • Senior BRC100
  • Senior and Junior BRC100+ New
  • Junior BRC80 New
  • Junior BRC90
  • Junior BRC100

At the Championships the Senior BRC100, Junior BRC100 and the Senior and Junior BRC100+ take place over three days, with roads and tracks and steeplechase phases in addition to the cross-country on the second day.

The New Senior and Junior BRC100+ allows the Juniors to compete against the Seniors for the first time.  The cross-country will be the same height as the BRC100 but with slightly more challenging and technical obstacles and the show jumping will be 110cm and will take place on the third day.

The Senior BRC90 and Junior BRC90 take place over two days, also with roads and tracks and steeplechase.  Competitors will show jump before they embark on the different phases.

The Senior BRC80 and New Junior BRC80 are one day events with no roads and tracks or steeplechase.  Competitors ride their dressage, followed by the show jumping round and lastly they will tackle the cross-country.